The Crèche

Babbel and Krabbel

Education is certainly one of the most important factors in determining the prospects of a child, and thereafter, a vibrant society. Many of the difficulties and challenges we face, here in South Africa, may be overcome providing we invest in the younger and future generation.

It is for this reason that Tjuks and Johan Roos decided to open a Crèche on the farm back in 1983, way before it became politically correct to do so. Not only does the crèche provide a safe learning environment for all the children of the farm workers, it also provides them with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their maximum potential throughout further education and their professional working lives.

Providing them with the tools they will require in order to become outstanding members of their community, will also alleviate the pressures faced by their families when the older generations are no longer able to provide for themselves.

Babbel and Krabbel is headed up by the reverent Anna-Marie Adams, along with her two assistants Lizzy and Mary. All have undergone numerous teaching courses which are revised on an annual basis, making sure they are right up to scratch with regards to the educational program as well as health and social worker criteria. Learning should be fun and informative which is what these ladies strive to achieve on a daily basis. Judging by the enormous smiles on the children’s faces, this seems to be working!

Aside from our internal staff, we receive assistance throughout the year from a German charity which is generous enough to provide us with a number of volunteers that come over on a regular basis for three months at a time. This improves the children’s social skills as well as exposing them to different languages and cultures (German and English).

All in all, Babbel and Krabbel gives the working parents the security of knowing that their children are well cared for, while obtaining invaluable life skills that will benefit them way in to the future. These are the first steps along the long and winding path of self-empowerment, raising the children’s self-esteem and providing them, and their families, with a brighter, more prosperous future.

Education is the single most important gift one may provide for a child and the profits raised by the sale of these wines will only go to enhance this invaluable life experience, for many years to come. With your help, we are making this vision a reality.

Onwards and upwards... after the Creche comes Primary school...

Building South Africa one child at a time.