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Top Ten Wines in the High Street – The Guardian, UK

Paul Roos Die Skoolhoof 2015 

Gus hated school. Forced to learn parrot fashion, punished when he didn’t. And each kid categorised. ‘You’re a numbers child.’ ‘You do language.’ ‘You play tennis.’ Not that he was stupid. He just didn’t want to learn that way. He believed it more important to be enthused and given the ability to find things out for himself.

So! As a winemaker, he put this into practice. Instead of pushing each variety to be one thing, he brought them together. That way, one informed the other. The fresh, floral approachability of Chenin; the elegant substance of Chardonnay. Together more than capable of challenging top white Burgundy that sells at twice the price! What’s more, to ensure the wine turned out bright and well-balanced, he makes only 3,000 bottles every year.

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